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Explore the world of French wines through The French Wine Scholar Study & Certification Program

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Are French wines your go-to wine choice on any occasion? Do you prefer that region over all others in Europe or the New World? Then here’s your opportunity to specialize in that area of knowledge! Our 8-week course will help you better understand the wine-producing regions in France, their history, the grape varietals grown there and local food customs, as well as going through regional wine tastings in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

While previous wine education will help you navigate this course more easily, it is a self-contained curriculum, and the study materials (book and online) provide you with any and all information you need to pass the course successfully.

It should be noted that most regions in the world seek to emulate the French, or at least grow their native grapes, so being well-versed in the French wine scene is setting a great foundation for future, past or current wine studies in other fields.

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Week 1
Alsace and Champagne
Week 2
Week 3
Beaujolais, Jura and Savoie
Week 4
Study Week (no class)
Week 5
Loire Valley
Week 6
Week 7
Southwest, Provence and Corsica
Week 8
Study Week (no class)
Week 9
Rhone Valley
Week 10
Week 11
Review (in-class)
Week 12
Final Exam

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“The French Wine Scholar is a very serious wine program but fun and very enjoyable to follow. The teaching is superb and the quality of the material brilliant."  Gerard Basset, MW, MS, Best Sommelier in the World 2010

"The French Wine Scholar Program is the industry's most comprehensive, in-depth course on the wines of France." Jay Youmans, Master of Wine












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